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The most popular clubs

The ranking shows the popularity of the clubs among the Transfermarkt users. It is the result of the question "Who would you want to win?".

1. Every user can vote but only the votes of all registered Transfermarkt users are counted.

2. You can only vote once for every single match.

3. If an already voted match appeares again you can vote again but the previous vote will be overwritten. So it is always possible to change your opinion over time.

4. The display can be filtered to switch between clubs and national teams or to change the ranking of a continental association, country or competition. It is also possible to show just the results of the fans of a selected club. The favorite club which was selected in the TM user profile counts in this case.

Who would you want to win?

Opinion of the TM users

Clermont Foot 63
75 %25 %
Grenoble Foot 38

New round!

versus AS MonacoAS Monaco AS Saint-ÉtienneAS Saint-Étienne

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Coupe de France
1Le Puy Foot 43 AuvergneLe Puy Foot 43 Auvergne40
2Olympique AlèsOlympique Alès30
3Andrézieux-Bouthéon FCAndrézieux-Bouthéon FC41
4Vénissieux Football ClubVénissieux Football Club31
5Annecy FCAnnecy FC126
6AC Le HavreAC Le Havre453250
7Olympique LyonOlympique Lyon2.3971.457
8RC LensRC Lens599365
9Olympique MarseilleOlympique Marseille2.2911.418
10AS Saint-ÉtienneAS Saint-Étienne2.0801.341
11LOSC LilleLOSC Lille2.0751.390
12AS MonacoAS Monaco2.2391.522
13FC Girondins BordeauxFC Girondins Bordeaux2.0261.416
14OGC NiceOGC Nice1.9961.412
15FC Sochaux-MontbéliardFC Sochaux-Montbéliard387280
16Montpellier HSCMontpellier HSC1.8951.451
17AJ AuxerreAJ Auxerre350272
18FC NantesFC Nantes1.9111.509
19Stade Rennais FCStade Rennais FC1.8571.489
20RC Strasbourg AlsaceRC Strasbourg Alsace1.033875
21FC MetzFC Metz1.1181.050
22Paris Saint-GermainParis Saint-Germain2.1222.026
23CSO AmnévilleCSO Amnéville11
24Valenciennes FCValenciennes FC326329
25FC ToulouseFC Toulouse1.5571.580
26Red Star FCRed Star FC270303
27US OrléansUS Orléans193218
28FC LorientFC Lorient9621.144
29AS Nancy-LorraineAS Nancy-Lorraine454548
30Paris FCParis FC284349
31Canet Roussillon FCCanet Roussillon FC45
32Grenoble Foot 38Grenoble Foot 38155197
33US BoulogneUS Boulogne95126
34Chamois Niortais FCChamois Niortais FC255346
35LB ChâteaurouxLB Châteauroux173236
36Stade ReimsStade Reims1.0871.494
37Stade LavalloisStade Lavallois220306
38SM CaenSM Caen1.0671.500
39Clermont Foot 63Clermont Foot 63270383
40CS Sedan-ArdennesCS Sedan-Ardennes3854
41EA GuingampEA Guingamp1.0841.561
42AC AjaccioAC Ajaccio269392
43Thonon Évian Grand Genève FCThonon Évian Grand Genève FC140206
44FC ChamblyFC Chambly108162
45Stade BriochinStade Briochin69
46Nîmes OlympiqueNîmes Olympique6621.017
47Stade Brest 29Stade Brest 29532839
48Tours FCTours FC175282
49Pau FCPau FC75121
50SC SchiltigheimSC Schiltigheim4882
51Dijon FCODijon FCO9161.590
52SCO AngersSCO Angers1.1842.095
53GFC AjaccioGFC Ajaccio514936
54Amiens SCAmiens SC5861.073
55Racing BesançonRacing Besançon2446
56USL DunkerqueUSL Dunkerque62122
57SAS EpinalSAS Epinal3263
58ES Troyes ACES Troyes AC6461.272
59FC Villefranche-BeaujolaisFC Villefranche-Beaujolais1326
60US Créteil-LusitanosUS Créteil-Lusitanos145294
61Les Herbiers VFLes Herbiers VF3777
62AS Beauvais OiseAS Beauvais Oise2554
63Quevilly Rouen MétropoleQuevilly Rouen Métropole65143
64Rodez AFRodez AF83189
65US AvranchesUS Avranches46118
66US ColomiersUS Colomiers38
67Football Club 93 BobignyFootball Club 93 Bobigny38
68ASM BelfortASM Belfort1849
69Athlético MarseilleAthlético Marseille3294
70Moulins-Yzeure Foot 03Moulins-Yzeure Foot 0339
71SO RomorantinSO Romorantin13
72Louhans-Cuiseaux FCLouhans-Cuiseaux FC2272
73FC LibourneFC Libourne1860
74Vannes OCVannes OC931
75FC Saint-Louis NeuwegFC Saint-Louis Neuweg1455
76FC Rouen 1899FC Rouen 1899834
77US ChantillyUS Chantilly836
78Castelnau Le Crès FCCastelnau Le Crès FC00
79Jeanne d'Arc de DrancyJeanne d'Arc de Drancy01
80CA PontarlierCA Pontarlier01
81Jura Sud FootJura Sud Foot02
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